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Home clearance

Top Tips


Planning is key to a stress-free and smooth house clearance. Ensure you create, and then keep to, a clear timetable. You are able to arrange a date and time with Mr. Reuse It as a time that suits you.

Kevin arrived as arranged. Both he and his team were really polite and helpful. It was a pleasure meeting him and we have kept his details should we need him again. We would definitely recommend him to our colleagues.




Separate your items into three different categories.


Red - Items you wish to keep.

Amber - Items you do not use. Can be sold or donated.

Green - Items you cannot use. Must be disposed of.  


Commonly known as 'The Traffic Light Method', this technique allows you to decide what items to wish to keep. Label all furniture accordingly. Mr. Reuse It will attempt to recycle those items you wish to discard.



Before Mr. Reuse It undertake any work, it is vital to agree a price and obtain a written quotation. Do not pay a contractor up front. A small deposit may be required but never a full payment. Wait until you have inspected the property and are 100% satisfied. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Reuse It. 


Identity theft is at an all-time high. All personal documentation should therefore be shredded and disposed of securly to ensure it is not stolen or used without your consent.

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